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UPDATE: Parents Oppose Webcam Lawsuit Against School District

Last month we wrote a post about a lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania alleging that school laptop computer cameras were being remotely activated while in students’ homes.

Big%20Brother%20Spy%204.jpgThe most recent update in the case is that numerous parents in the school districts named in the lawsuit have filed documents in federal court opposing the lawsuit and asking to intervene.

Parents objecting to the lawsuit state that they are angry about the unauthorized use of webcams in students’ homes, but are more concerned about the financial impact of a class action lawsuit. Approximately 500 parents have signed a petition opposing the lawsuit which is seeking class action status.

One parent, Larry Silver, stated “We see no benefit to the school district or to the students if a large damage award is gained by the plaintiffs. We want a positive resolution to this matter. We want them (school districts) to get back to their educational mission.”

Our original post is available HERE.

An extremely detailed (lengthy) account of events leading to the lawsuit is available on

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