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UCLA Settles Civil Rights Lawsuit Over Student Tasered by Campus Police in Library

When US citizen Mostafa Tabatabainejad, then a 23 year old senior at UCLA, went to the library in November 2006, he didn’t expect any of the following to take place: He didn’t expect to be asked for his ID by campus police. He didn’t expect campus police to Taser him (allegedly 3 times) for failing to provide his ID. And, he didn’t expect video of the altercation to end up on

UCLA%20library.jpgMostafa Tabatabainejad filed a lawsuit claiming his civil rights had been violated.

Following multiple investigations which included reviews of all YouTube videos capturing the event, the acting chancellor’s police accountability expert found the use of the Taser violated department rules.

UCLA police brought in their own expert who cleared the officers involved of any wrongdoing. Then the UCLA police implemented a ban on the use of a Taser on people presenting purely “passive resistance.”

In a statement, UCLA said they would pay $220,000 to settle the lawsuit. The university also said the settlement would allow Tabatabainejad to “complete his UCLA degree and move forward with his career.” Lastly, the statement said there would be no further comments by Tabatabainejad or the university.

Although not in the statement, this attorney would expect the settlement to also include appropriate retraining for all UCLA campus police related to the use of force and Tasers.