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Toyota Accused of Concealing Evidence in Rollover Lawsuits

On August 31, 2009 in New York, New York, it was reported that a former attorney for Toyota was suing the company for their involvement and for their supposed hiding and destruction of implicating documents. The primary item that is being discussed are the results that one fond from roll over tests and the damage that could truly be incurred.

rollover-1.jpg The suit has been filed by a Mr. Biller who worked for Toyota from 2003-2007. He claims that not only did he see the items that he is claiming that the company withheld, but in some cases went so far as to destroy the items and to go and have them not included in findings that would negatively impact the company.

The problem with a lawsuit such as his is the fact that it creates a sense of doubt no matter what may have really occurred. If this is the case, then there is the possibility of old cases that had been dismissed or found to not have any merit, to possibly be reopened. This is because there were so many people who were injured in rollover accidents involving Toyota vehicles.

If any of the accusations that have been made by Mr. Biller are true, you will see a large influx of items and cases pertaining to the roll over accidents. There are accusations that the company was even withholding information in regards to results as well as how quickly corrective action could be taken from the auto manufacturer.

One thing that some may take into consideration is the fact that Mr. Biller ended up quitting his job at Toyota claiming he was suffering from psychiatric problems while he was at the job. In 2008 he went to work for the District Attorney in San Francisco where he was let go after several months. He received a negative mark upon his release from the office.

No matter which group has the bigger issues in all respects, someone is going to end up not looking good at all, and a shadow of doubt has been cast on the Toyota Company no matter how the court finds in the case.

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