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Taco Bell Sued for Libel by California Farm

Boskovich Farms, Inc. filed a lawsuit in Orange County (California) Superior Court. In that lawsuit, Boskovich alleges that Taco Bell knew the green onions from its farm were NOT the cause of the E.coli outbreak that sickened 70 people, but continued to link the green onions to the outbreak. Thomas Girardi, a lawyer representing Oxnard based Boskovich Farms told the Los Angeles Times “Taco Bell engaged in an irresponsible and intentional crusade to save its own brand at the expense of an innocent supplier.”

Attorney Girardi went on to say, “The false connection between the farm and the fast food chain’s E. coli problem has cost Boskovich millions of dollars of business.”

Taco Bell stated, “We believed green onions may have been the source based on the presumptive positive testing, so we immediately removed them from our products to put public safety first. We later learned they were not the source of the E. coli outbreak.”

The bottom line seems to be that that Boskovich green onions were clean, and Taco Bell is no longer using green onions in any of their food items.

It is highly likely that this lawsuit will come down to “Who said what and when?”

Meanwhile Boskovich announced that due to declining sales, green onions will no longer be grown on the 55 acre plot previously dedicated to the crop.

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