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Sexting Leads to Child Porn Charges for Teens

Five teens in southern Nevada have been charged with the distribution of child pornography stemming from an incident of apparent sexting.

Nationwide efforts are being made to establish sexting as a legitimate crime in the minds of youngsters.

All five teens are under the age of 15 and will be facing disciplinary action at school as well as in a court of law.

According to police, two teens were discovered viewing nude images of three different girls, ages 12 and 13. The pictures were apparently taken by the girls themselves, texted to another boy, and then distributed by the boy via text message.

The charges will be reviewed and punished after an assessment by the District Attorney, a judge, and a juvenile probation officer.

According to Nye County Sheriff Tony DeMeo, parents and communities nationwide should consider the incident a wakeup call. Teens are not always mature enough to handle cell phones responsibly, nor are they able to gauge the impact of such actions on their futures, DeMeo adds.

Unfortunately, such practices are growing in popularity.

Eli Cline, an eighteen-year old female, claims that teens are only thinking in the moment. According to Cline, middle and high school kids are only worried about being accepted in the now, and the future isn’t given much thought.

Cline thinks that the best way to address the problem is through shared responsibility and suggests that law enforcement officials give seminars in the school to warn of the dangers of sexting.

Sheriff DeMeo agrees that something must be done, noting that he would be more than willing to assist the school district in educating students about the consequences of sharing sexual material via texting.