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School District Caught Between Teacher and Parent

The Clark County School District in Las Vegas, is now facing a lawsuit in which they are charged with failing to protect a parent from a teacher, one of the school district’s employees.

Bilbray%20E.S.%20LV.jpgThe teacher in question, Ken McFate, has been found to have an extensive history of harassing women and stalking. The claim filed against the school district claims that the school district knew of the problems with McFate but did nothing about it.

In a court of law, attorney Dan O’Brien, Clark County School District Assistant General Counsel, made the statement, “This is a case about a parent who decided to have an affair with a teacher and then it didn’t go well.” According to Las Vegas Now, he continued with, “She now wants the district to give dating advice to married parents.” The statement was seen as surprising.

The judge in the case, Judge Kathleen Delaney, stated that the comment was disturbing and then denied the school board’s motion to have the case dismissed.

What Actually Happened?

The lawsuit stems from an incident involving McFate and Andreana Leonard, who was a classroom volunteer at Bilbray Elementary School. During her time working there, she developed a relationship with the teacher. When a fall out between the two occurred, Leonard states she was forced to get a restraining order to keep McFate away from her. In doing so, she learned she was not the first person to do so.

According to records, there have been several people to file restraining orders against McFate, and many of the occurrences happened at the school. Leonard’s attorney, Richard Segerbloom made a statement stating that what is truly disturbing is that the school knew about the charges and problems, allegedly, and did nothing about it, nor does the school have a policy on how to deal with such incidents.

Leonard is seeking monetary damages and the requirement of policies to be put in place to protect individuals in circumstances like this. McFate retired in 2008.