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Ohio Student Beaten Unconscious at School Sues District

A lawsuit has been filed in the Miami County (Ohio) Common Pleas Court against the Bethel Local School District’s Board of Education as a result of an attack on a student. The suit maintains that the assault occurred at Bethel High School. The suit, filed by a student and his mother, alleges that the claimant was viciously attacked in April of 2011 by a fellow student who hit the boy and kicked him in the head until he lost consciousness. The victim and his alleged assailant have not been named because they were both minors at the time of the incident.

Zero%20Tolerance%20for%20Bullying.jpgThe original suit accuses the school of providing inadequate supervision. It contends that no faculty or staff was in the vicinity of the attack and no one intervened to stop the assault. According to court documents, the injured boy sustained permanent, severe injuries and is expected to incur ongoing medical expenses as a result of the attack.

The plaintiffs in the case are asking for punitive damages in addition to expenses. The suit also names the parents of the alleged aggressor as parties to the lawsuit. The parents of the student who is accused of attacking the injured boy are pointing the finger at the school district, claiming that the attack is the fault of the school district.

In addition, the parents of the boy who is accused in the attack have filed a countersuit against the victim and his mother. They claim that the alleged victim was actually the aggressor in the incident, and that their own son suffered severe injuries at his hands. They also allege that another child from their family was also the victim of an ongoing pattern of abuse, including bullying and assault, at the hands of the plaintiff.

In the school district’s response to the suit, the district maintains that it acted in good faith and behaved reasonably. The board of education claims that the district had no control over the independent actions of the students involved and has asked that the suit be dismissed.