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Mother Claims “Waterboarding Like Torture” of Autistic Child

A mother out of Montana’s North middle School in Great Falls claims that two teacher’s aides severely abused the special needs children in her care. Five families have come forward to make the claims, with one mother describing the abuse of her autistic child as being “waterboarding like torture.”

autism-ribbon2-1.jpgThe teacher’s aides, Kristina Marie Kallies and Julie Parish have resigned and charged with assault on a minor and endangering the welfare of children. Kallies has not been located by police and Parish has appeared in court and was released on bond. The teachers resigned after the allegations were made, although both teacher’s aides claim they are false allegations.

The children involved were special education students in grades seven and eight. The mother, Tiffonie Schilling said that the aide allegedly held the child’s head under a water faucet when he dozed off in class. The boy was 14 at the time. She says, “He was having waterboarding like torture done to him on a frequent basis.” Another claim is that the teacher made her son, Garrett, “eat his own vomit.” The child is not vocal and could not defend himself.

Ms. Schilling is not alone in her allegations. Other parents complained of including one female child being hit in the head with a pan and a male child that was locked in a closet.

A full investigation and independent probe is likely to occur by the state attorney general, although the school has conducted a full investigation and are working with police.