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Lawsuits Pending Even After Microsoft Recovers Sidekick Data

Microsoft has returned virtually all Sidekick user data, including contact information and other personal data to users. Nevertheless, there are likely to be pending lawsuits filed against the company.

On Saturday, Microsoft informed users that it had lost all data and backup systems in a system wide crash. The company now says that it has restored that data, but it appeared to be weary of issuing such a message early on.

sidekick_t-mobile.jpgMicrosoft vice president Roz Ho provided an open letter to customers of the Sidekick stating that only a small number of users are still without their personal data. However, such a warning may not be enough to keep customers. In recent conversations at T-Mobile’s website, talk was about leaving the company. Users seemed to be interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Sidekick and owner Microsoft.

More so, there was evidence that some of the messages posted on the website from Sidekick users unhappy with the company were deleted or moved in some fashion after mention of the lawsuit.

The social media outlets are teaming with information. On Twitter, the micro blogging website, mention of Sidekick lawsuits was the talk of the day, including mention of several pending lawsuits in California and in Washington. One such case filed in California, was filed by a mother whose teen daughter lost photos and song lyrics in the loss of data.

Another lawsuit was filed in Atlanta, by a woman, Maureen Thompson, says that the companies she named (including T-Mobile, Microsoft and Danger the manufacturer of the device) were negligent and failed to meet advertised promises to customers. Attorney John Jablonski, speaking about the case, said that it was likely that such cases would lose merit, since the data was restored.

T-Mobile employees are not speaking of the case and claim they have no comment in regards to the online complaints from customers. The company does seem to have kept customers informed and on Monday, temporarily halted all sales of the Sidekick smartphones. In addition, the company offered affected customers one month free service from the company, plus a $100 T Mobile gift card.

It is not clear how many Sidekick users have filed or plan to file lawsuits against the company, nor how many people may still be affected by a loss of data. You may view the California lawsuit HERE, compliments of