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Lawsuit finally settled…..after only 31 years of Litigation!

Lawsuits are time consuming. I know that some attorneys in Los Angeles, many throughout California and all the trial lawyers in our firm are focused on resolving lawsuits for our clients rather than stretching them out needlessly.

But whose fault is it if a lawsuit takes 31 years to resolve?

According to information from the Arizona Daily Star, tribal leaders from Arizona’s Tohono O’odham nation joined Governor Napolitano and Tuscon officials for a long overdue signing ceremony.

In the settlement, the tribe will be guaranteed 50-thousand acre feet of water each year at no cost, mostly from the Central Arizona Water project.

My opinion? This lawsuit just had too many players. Involved were City of Tuscon officials, State of Arizona officials, federal officials including the Department of the Interior and of course the Tohono O’odham tribal nation.

The moral of this story is simple. If and when considering litigation, remember to evaluate all the parties involved, as they will play a significant part in the outcome of your lawsuit. If time is of the essence, bureaucracies should be avoided.

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