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Lawsuit Filed Between Sex Toy Party Business Rivals

Brown Bag Party of Costa Mesa, California filed a lawsuit in California Federal Court against competitor Pure Romance of Loveland, Ohio. The lawsuit accuses Pure Romance of false advertising, unfair competition, libel and interference with business. Brown Bag Party is seeking at least $75,000 in damages.

Brown%20Bag.jpgBoth companies are national competitors in the sex toy, home party business.

According to the lawsuit, at a Las Vegas convention for independent contractors earlier this year, Pure Romance representatives and owners disseminated information that Brown Bag Party was in bankruptcy, going out of business and being acquired by Pure Romance.

Attorneys for Brown Bag say those statements are untrue.

The lawsuit alleges that the statements were made in an attempt to convince independent contractors to sell Pure Romance products and not those of Brown Bag Party. It also alleges that those making the statements knew they were untrue when they made them.

Pure Romance has also filed a lawsuit against women in Hamilton County Ohio who dropped their Pure Romance affiliation and switched to hosting parties for Brown Bag. That suit has been transferred to federal court.

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