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How Will Magic Castle/AMA Lawsuit Affect Its Future?

For over 45 years the Magic Castle has been the clubhouse of the Academy of Magical Arts (AMA). On February 21, 2008 the AMA flied a lawsuit against Magic Food & Beverage Inc., a company with an affiliation to Magic Castle Park LLC, the owner of the property, which has been for sale since last year. Although not a subsidiary of Magic Castle Park LLC, Magic Food and Beverage Inc. is affiliated through corporate officers and/or executives common to both entities. This information is based solely on the complaint filed, Case No: BC 385828, in Los Angeles Superior Court.

800px-MagicCastle01.jpgThe lawsuit includes 4 “Causes of Action” as follows:

• Trespass
• Trespass to personal property
• Assault
• Injunctive relief

The following sentence is heresay: AMA members have been told that the AMA wants to stay in the building known as the “Magic Castle”. NOTE: If the AMA governing board would like to make a formal statement to the contrary, I will post a retraction here.

Here is the question. If you were a tenant (AMA) in a 100 year old building (known as the Magic Castle) which was a small part of a parcel of land (10 plus acres) currently for sale and positioned for total redevelopment, would it be smart to sue those affiliated with your landlord if you wanted to stay?

This lawsuit appears to indicate the contrary. Personally, it would be unlikely that I would sue anyone affiliated with my landlord if I wanted to stay.

Following the filing of this lawsuit, the plaintiff (AMA) filed an ExParte application for temporary restraining order and an order to show cause RE: preliminary Injunction.

From the Court Document: “The Court has read and considered the above stated Ex Parte Application.

After argument of Counsel, the Application is denied.”

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