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High School Coach Kicks Off Player for Pink Cleats

A player on the football team at Simpson County (Mississippi) School District has filed a lawsuit after being kicked off the football team for wearing pink cleats. The lawsuit was filed after an agreement was made previously with the team and the player. The player agreed not to pursue damages against the team if, in return, he was reinstated to the football team out of Mendenhall High School.

Pink%20cleats.jpgHowever, after that agreement was reached, the student was told he was not allowed to dress out with the team for the next game. He was expecting to join and play with the team and was crushed when he was not allowed to, his attorney stated. According to the attorney, the coach reneged on the agreement made in front of the entire hometown game. This, the attorney states, is a bad faith breach of the settlement agreement. He noted that the coach was not only illegally stopping the player but also costing the district a good amount of money in damages as a result.

The school’s attorney was not able to comment. The student was originally kicked off the team when he wore a pair of brightly colored pink shoes. The shoes were a gift from his great grandmother. The cleats were worn as a way of honoring two of his family members, both of whom were cancer survivors.

The attorneys for the student and for the district did not agree on why the boy was kicked off the team. The deputy superintendent said the student was removed from the team because he did not take orders from the coach and the assistant coaches, which included taking off the cleats. They claim the booting from the team was due to failure to listen to the coaches, not about his support for the cause.

The student and the district came to an agreement prior to the most recent game which allowed the student back on the team. This was the first time in a month he was able to play and he had planned to play in the regular cleats.

Should the current lawsuit go forward, the boy states that any proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society and the Susan G. Komen for the Cure programs.