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Grad Student Sues School Because She Can’t Find A Job

A New York college is being sued because one of its graduate degree students has been unable to find a job. The student, Trina Thompson, states that the school, Monroe College, did not help her with job placement which ultimately has lead to her inability to find a job. She is seeking $70,000 to cover the costs of her tuition from the school and another $2000 as compensation for her stress in the job search.

jobless3.jpgThis is just one example of what is happening around the country where jobs are scarce in many fields. Some college career centers no longer call themselves “job placement” centers or services, but rather offer more training on obtaining a job. Career counseling and linking students with potential employers is as far as they will go.

Is this what students expect when they go to a college in the hopes of finding a job? According to Johns Hopkins University’s career office director, Mr. Mark Presnell, students do not expect a guaranteed job found for them by the school. He is quoted by the Baltimore Sun as saying, “I think our students understand that we’re here to guide them through the different kinds of career choices they have. What we’re here to do is to educate and empower students to build a foundation for the development of their careers.”

Other schools state something similar, that their job is not so much to find the job for the student, but to give them an education and then train the student how to market themselves and their skills to employers.

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