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Florida Whistleblower Alleges Misconduct at Charter School

The embattled for-profit organization that runs the new Mavericks High School in Palm Springs is the subject of yet another lawsuit filed on behalf of a former employee. Mavericks in Education Florida LLC is being sued by a former teacher who claims the school administration regularly forges enrollment records and gives students credit for classes that aren’t even offered at the school.

Federal%20Whistleblower%20Law.jpgAngenora Mechato is the third employee to file court documents alleging misconduct on the part of the school. The company, which runs a number of charter schools in Florida, has yet to respond to the latest lawsuit, which claims that Mechato was fired for refusing to falsify documents so that the school could get more state funding.

According to Mechato, the school inflates its enrollment numbers to gain funding to which it is not entitled and enrolls students and gives them grades in courses that don’t exist outside the school’s paperwork.

Lauren Hollander, one of the company’s managers, said in an interview that the lawsuit is baseless and pointed out that the new lawsuit is identical in some places to the earlier suits, which were filed by the same attorney, Dale Morgado.

The three former employees named as plaintiffs in the cases are not alone in expressing concerns over the company’s practices. Two Florida counties recently rejected Maverick’s bid to open schools in their areas. The Palm Beach County School District also refused to approve the company’s applications to open more schools in the district on the grounds that the company’s existing schools have not achieved their goal of improving student performance.

Every Mavericks school is geared towards students who are considered to be at risk of failing to graduate. Students are offered a hybrid teaching approach that divides their time between traditional classrooms and independent lessons delivered via computer.