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Disney Sued by Disabled Guests Over Segway Ban

The Walt Disney Co., the world’s largest theme-park operator, has been sued by three people who allege that the company’s ban on Segway personal transporters at its theme parks is in violation of federal disability laws.

segway_tour_small.jpgNo one seems to be claiming that they were denied access to Walt Disney World or any other Disney Theme Park. The allegations seem to be that they (disabled guests who can stand but not walk long distances) could not use their Segways.

While not commenting on the lawsuit, Disney Spokesperson Jacquee Polak stated “Our primary concern is the safety of all our guests and our cast members. We have a long history of being a leader in creating accessible experiences for our guests with disabilities.”

Depending on model and equipment, most Segways weigh between 110 and 120 pounds. Add the weight of a small rider at 140 pounds and you have a total weight of 250 pounds and above.

Imagine the injuries to Disney guests if a Segway traveling at a speed 10 to 12 mph accidently hit one or more guests.

Disney welcomes the use of manual and electric wheelchairs and 4 wheel power chairs by disabled guests. Disney even has them available for rental.

With the utmost respect for all people with disabilities, I agree with Disney on this issue. The safety of Disney guests is more important than the wishes of a few who want to see Disneyland on a Segway. Wheelchairs and powerchairs are far more safe in crowded venues.