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California Judge Gives Final OK to Yahoo Click Fraud Settlement

Last month final approval was given for a class action settlement involving “click fraud” that has Yahoo paying nearly $5 million in attorney fees and giving full credits to advertisers dating back to 2004.

The judge’s action on Monday settles claims by Checkmate Strategic Group that Yahoo charged advertisers for clicks on online ads that were done in bad faith or fraudulent.

Although preliminary approval was given last summer, final approval for this settlement was held up by attorneys representing parties in a similar (Google) lawsuit in Arkansas. The California settlement releases Yahoo from all similar click fraud claims against it in other actions in all other states. That’s an offer Yahoo couldn’t refuse.

Reggie Davis, Yahoo’s new vice president of marketplace quality stated “Final approval of the settlement validates the strength of Yahoo’s click-through protection systems, and our commitment to delivering a quality experience to both our advertisers and our consumers. Our commitment does not stop here. Quality is a top priority for Yahoo, and we have a clear road map for how we’re going to create the highest-quality search-advertising network in the industry.”

Additionally, in my opinion final approval of this settlement allows Yahoo to put this resource draining litigation behind them, allowing Yahoo to focus on the future of the internet search business.

Putting litigation behind you is often a wise strategy in business.

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