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Blogger Who Dissed Her Students Finds Herself Dismissed

A Pennsylvania teacher who wrote a blog filled with derisive insults and negative comments about her students wasn’t such a prize herself, according to the school district that recently fired her. Natalie Munroe was terminated for poor performance by a unanimous vote at a recent board meeting.

Is%20Teacher%20a%20Bad%20Blogger.jpgMunroe claims that she was an excellent teacher who was let go in retaliation for calling students lazy, rude, stupid, rat-like and other insults on what was supposed to be an anonymous blog. As it turned out, the students weren’t as stupid or as lazy as Munroe thought they were, and they had little trouble figuring out that the blogger known as Natalie M. looked a lot like their English teacher at Central Bucks High School East. Munroe’s exposure in early 2011 as the teacher who referred to her students as lazy whiners and professed to hate at least one of them caused outrage across the country.

The school district’s decision came only a few days after Munroe filed a lawsuit claiming the district violated her constitutional right to freedom of speech. According to board president Paul Faulker, Munroe’s performance problems were already a problem before she began casting aspersions upon her students.

“Ms. Munroe’s lawsuit against the district asserts that she was an excellent teacher and given excellent ratings. Nothing could be further from the truth” Faulkner said.

Munroe was suspended in February of 2011, shortly after her comments and taunts first came to light. However, she was allowed to come back to work as a teacher during the summer of 2011. According to her, the school district is punishing her for making statements she had every right to make. Her attorney, Steven Rovner, agreed with Munroe’s assessment of the situation and said that the school board “spent the whole year setting her up to fail.”

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