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Another School Bullying Case — This Time the Teacher is Accused

Two elementary school teachers from San Antonio have been removed from the classroom after allegedly ordering students to attack one of their classmates. According to police and a spokesperson for the Judson Independent School District, a teacher punished the student, who is not in her class, because another teacher claimed he was a bully. According to Aidan’s mother, Amy Neely, no one from the school ever mentioned that Aidan was suspected of being a bully.

Bully%20Free%20Classroom.jpgThe school district’s account matches the police report in nearly every respect. According to both sources, Aidan’s teacher went to another teacher for advice. The other teacher responded by ordering the rest of the class to line up and take turns hitting Aidan. According to police, the teacher encouraged the children by telling them to “Hit him!” and even to “Hit him harder!” Eventually, after a particularly brutal blow to the child’s upper back, another teacher stepped in and ended the assault.

Eventually, the teacher who stopped the assault reported the incident. Neely says that is when she found out about the unusual discipline session. According to her, most of the 24 children in the class hit her son more than once. According to the police report, some of the children said they didn’t want to participate but did so because they were afraid of what would happen if they didn’t.

Neely reported the attack to the police, and says she wants to make sure the teacher who initiated the attack is never allowed around children again.

Linscomb did not specify what would be done to the teacher who stood by while the six-year-old was beaten. However, he said that the teacher who ordered the assault will not be allowed to return to her position at the school. According to Linscomb, she is a “…relatively young teacher and just needed to be re-educated and reminded what needs to happen in the classroom.”

Prosecutors, however, may not agree that a reminder is all that is necessary in this case. They are reviewing the facts of the case in order to decide whether to file formal charges.