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Amazon Settles Kindle Lawsuit On Book Deletions

The Kindle is an eBook reader heavily marketed by the company. While it is a new device and one that is selling well, the company promoting it,, has faced a lawsuit on behalf of the product already. The company has settled a lawsuit brought on by the deletion of two eBooks, George Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984.

kindle21.jpgThe company deleted the material for the eBook reader’s accounts, who had paid for them, and refunded the customer’s cost. Amazon cited that there were problems regarding the copyright use of the material. In September, Amazon announced that it would replace the deleted eBooks for anyone who purchased them, and that they would offer $30 gift certificates for those who did not wish to receive the eBooks again. The Kindle also allows for users to place notations within the eBooks for their personal use. Amazon also stated these would be restored.

Just this month, Amazon also has announced that it will settle a lawsuit brought on by two Kindle users who saw deletions of these materials. The company is paying $150,000 to a Michigan high school student named Justin Gawronski and a man named Tony Bruguier. Their attorney has stated that the two will not see any of the funds, but will instead donate the money to charity.

The settlement was filed in the U.S. District Court in Seattle on September 25th. It was a closed settlement and no further details were made available. The attorney for Gawronski and Bruguier was quoted as saying that he believes Amazon has learned an important lesson from this lawsuit.